Ach-aldat is the ice mage of the sacred cold (Called the "ice mage" by FMB) who formerly lived in a small ice cave outside the walls of Winterly Rock before being invited to live in the castle.

Discovery Edit

FMB were scouting positions to build the walls around Winterly Rock they came across a small cave and found the old man surrounded by ice. He introduced himself as "The ice mage of the sacred cold" who could see the future. FMB were eager to hear about their destiny, only to be disappointed when they were told about events that had already occured.

Second Encounter Edit

Shortly after the battles of Marston Klemp and Bogden Fells they stumbled across the cave again where the Mage offered the tell them more about their own destinies. Both of them were again amused and disappointed to once again hear about events that have already happened. After this encounter FMB started to doubt whether or not he could really tell the future.

Attacking the Dwarves and Moving to the Castle Edit

After going down to the dwarves to inspect an ancient relic (planted by David to cause holy division among the citizens) they heard strange sounds. After investigating they found a dwarf frozen and another standing, clearly fearful. The Furious Mage's told them that his cave had collapsed because of the dwarves mining operations and demanded that the dwarves leave. But to calm him down FMB offered him a room in the castle of Winterly Rock. FunkMasterBlast gave him _Ricochet's room, much to his annoyance.

Battle with SaphiraEdit

When the blue dragon, Saphira, was sent by Finbarhawkes to attack Winterly Rock, Ach-aldat fought and repulsed the dragon. During the battle the ice mage met the dragon upon the roof of Winterly Rock's Great Hall. In a viscous duel Saphira launched fireballs and a stream of flames down onto Ach-aldat, who in turn deflected them with a wall of magic ice. Ach-aldat returned the barrages with a stream of ice-lightning and ice balls. Ach-aldat successfully won the battle when he froze Saphira's wings enough for her to retreat in fear of them being damaged.

Minecraft AprokalaypseEdit

After FMB left through the black hole, it was revealed that Ach-aldat tried to save Winterly Rock from the same black hole that destroyed Elysium by encasing Winterly Rock in ice and was the one who put the Spanner Guard in a magical induced sleep though a powerful icy tonic until FunkMasterBlast returned.