Alverva is an elderly Orc mage who Finbarhawkes meets when he travels to another dimension. Alverva is a quite capable thaumcraft wizard and one of the only magic capable orcs alive. He is also versed in the lore of the gods and dragons.

A Scholar Among BarbariansEdit

Alverva was born with magical powers, which has an unlikely occurrence, but even more unusual because he was an orc. Orcs, being a generally non-magical and brute-force-over-brains race, had very few mages. Therefore, to protect Alverva the best orc guards were stationed to guard him at all times. Resulting from his abilities and constant protection from enemies, Alverva lived to be 350 years old. During the orc's war with the dark elves, the elves released dragons into the realm. Facing destruction, Alverva summoned portals to the Voltz World. One of these portals when to Finbar and another to Edd2012.

Meeting FinbarEdit

Although at first no creatures successfully traveled through Alverva's portals alive, due to being warped by the dimensional travel, Finbarhawkes managed to get through unscratched. Alverva speculates this may be in part because of Finbar's strong Power Armor which could protect him. It is possible Edd could also come through the portal because his Porkcruxes make him invincible.

Sending Finbar to Save the WorldEdit

Alverva explained to Finbar the story of how the Dragons were the mounts of the gods, but became so powerful that they challenged their masters and almost destroyed the gods themselves. At the last moment the gods sealed the dragons in an alternate dimension (the End) for eternity. However, in the war between the Orcs and Dark Elves, the Elves set the Dragons free to destroy the Orcs. Alverva told Finbar that they must reason with the Dark Elves that the dragons will destroy the universe and wont spare anything. Because any orc seen near the Elven City would be killed, Finbar set out on his task alone.

The War of the DragonsEdit

Alverva also played a major role in the War of the Dragons. During the main assault on the Dragons' portal, the Orc Mage used his abilities to create magical explosives. These were then launched by the Elven ballistas at the Dragons. This was an imperative part of the upcoming attack as the explosives obliterated the first wave of Dragons before they could attack. This in turn gave the allied army an edge in the Battle for the Portal because a portion of the Dragons were already destroyed, but was presumed dead.