FunkMasterBlast wearing Blackhammer Steel Armour

Blackhammer Steel refers to a form of steel forged by Rory Blackhammer and used in his blacksmithing. Blackhammer steel is extremely durable and delivers large amounts of damage when crafted into a weapon. When forged correctly, Blackhammer steel is usually enchanted in some form.

Blackhammer Steel SwordEdit

Early in his career working for FMB Rory forged a Blackhammer Steel Sword and presented it to his lord, FunkMasterBlast. The blade was enchanted with Unbreaking I and sharpness I. Funk used it as his primary weapon, even victoriously killing D 2the avid with it during FMB's bombardment of Elysium. Funk sadly lost the blade when he was captured by Edd and was unable to retrieve it. New Blackhammer Steel Swords were crafted by Rory for Rob and Rich.

Blackhammer Steel ArmourEdit

After Edd captures _Ricochet and Rory Jr., Blackhammer forged an entire set of Blackhammer Steel Armour for Funk to wear as they tried to rescue their friends. The armour was enchanted with Unbreaking II and protection II; it's mystical properties even saved Funk from death whilst fighting General Black Pudding. Funk still has the armour, although he doesn't wear it freely and only for special occasions. More primitive un-enchanted Blackhammer Steel Armour was crafted for _Ricochet by Rory before the Battle of Marston Klemp.

Blackhammer Steel ToolsEdit

Although he primarily forges armor and weaponry, Rory has used his skills to create non-weapon based tools as well. He has constructed Blackhammer Steel Shovels and Pickaxes for FMB. Although not enchanted or significantly better than normal tools like the armor and swords were, the Blackhammer Steel Tools are still sturdy and serve their purpose.


  • Blackhammer steel armor is actually emerald.