The Pass of Bogdon Fells is an vast swampland and important location in Voltz Wars: Season Four. Bogdon Fells is one of the two easy passes from Northern Merth to Southern Merth, the other being the Bridge at Marston Klemp. Because the ravine of Marston Klemp and the great mountains around Bogdon Fells create an impasse for troops moving between the north and south there have been numerous battles over control of the fells, also because the swampy terrain makes it hard to travel through . The Armed Forces of Winterly Rock held control the area, but the Army of Pork is preparing to wrest the pass back into their hands. Currently under the Army of pork's control after the Armed Forces of Winterly Rock were pushed back by the massive attack led by Lord General Pepperoni and Sir Ham with a large amount of porkmen plus some war porkers.