Bread is a vanilla Minecraft item, although It has a quite unique feauture in the Minecraft Voltz Wars series.

From early on in Rob and Richard's earlier adventures in tekkit, Rob became quite fond of it, even in condensed form and carried this fondness over into Voltz Wars, Richard eventually got used to Rob's "vomiting" of a stack of bread at him one at a time, and now the FMB faction is known for its bread.


Early in the construction and repair of FMB's Export/Sexport a bakery was established next to the factory, and above where a hydrogen power plant was housed.

In the 74th to 78th episode of Finbarhawkes' Minecraft Voltz Wars, FMBsChannel and FND Games teamed up to Co-Operate on a very difficult quest. They had to work together as a team, and to do this they had to be able to speak to each other. Bread was the only solution. When the guys had Bread equipped in the parachute slots, they were able to hear and speak to each others, which was very important for the progression through the quests.