"Welcome to Candyland!!!"
– c4ff

C4ff, better known as Caff or Caffcast, is a Major Character late in Voltz Wars: Season Four. He is friends with D 2the avid and was given leave at the Palace of Elysium because he saved David's life. Caff appears to be a robot who feels human emotion although no explanation for this is given in the Voltz Wars storyline.



Caff was originally from an alternate world in which the events of the Voltified series took place on, whereupon he woke up one morning in a world made of candy called Candyland. Although no explanation on how he arrived in Candyland is ever given, Caff stayed there for 3 months building a minecart track called "The Candy Express".

Meeting DavidEdit

Upon completion of the Candy Express, Caff noticed a new arrival at Candyland. The arrival, David, had been hit by some dark magic and had appeared in Candyland. Although Caff had met an alternate version of David in the Voltified world, the David from the Voltz World did not know Caff. In the end, Caff and David were able to construct a portal out of Candyland and back to Elysium.

Life in ElysiumEdit

In exchange for saving him in Candyland, David gave Caff a room the White-Gold Palace of Elysium. Although David was unable to recall the events in Candyland after coming out of the portal, he gave Caff a tour of the city and welcomed him to Elysium.