The Church of the Golden Spanner or the Order of the Golden Spanner is the main religious organization of Merth. The authority of the Old Gods of Tekkit and their holy spanners. The headquarters were the Cathedral of Winterly Rock.

Beliefs Edit

  • Reverence of Spanners - The Old Gods of Tekkit are symbolized by spanners which their technicians carry around, preaching about and used in their ceremonies.
  • Rejection of false idol worship - Denouncing of false idols such as the Holy Hammer of Holiness and scolding the dwarves for praising it.
  • Funerals and Burial - Preparing the dead for their journey to the Great Workshop and Great Engineer in the sky.
  • Guest Rights - Sacred laws about treating your guests such has not harming them, like Ricochet wanting to murder David at their feast hall.


Little is know about the Church of the Spanner before Edd's army came to Merth. But it is likely that the Church had chapters in every main city and village, and was the main religion of the Merth, besides the sinister End worshipping cult.


Edd created a religion known as Porkology drawing people from other faiths. Then started exterminating other religions like the Church of the Spanner. Mass-murdering high technicians, enslaving villages and destroying sacred sites. The majority of the clergy of the Golden Spanner were hunted down and killed, leaving High Technician Meccanus, most likely the last of the Old Gods' followers.


Meccanus was one of the few high technicians to escape. Fleeing to Wintery rock with many other refugees like the Blackhammer family. Then converted Funkmasterblast to the Old Gods of Tekkit and began building a church to preach his faith. Later gaining a large group of converts including Rory Jr. Blackhammer. As the city grew so did the church, with some help from the dwarves who later began praising the Holy Hammer, constructed the cathedral for the growing church. Later a divide happed due to D 2the avid planting a fake of the Holy Warhammer of Holiness.The dwarves began worshipping the Holy Hammer of Holiness as a holy relic much to High Technician Meccanus's disapproval of false idols. Before the deaths of Rory Blackhammer and the Grudgebringers who sacrificed themselves to stall Edd2012 and the Army of Pork over the bridge of Marston Klemp.Meccanus discovered a tree in the shape of a spanner seeing this as a good omen later ordered some soldiers to bring the tree back to Winterly Rock.

Splinter FactionsEdit

  • Church of the Iron Spanner - a sect who idolize the Iron Spanner instead of the Golden Spanner. Considered heretics by the main church. Located in the city of Northbay.