D 2the addy is David's dad, but when then Edd went back in time to kill him so that David wouldn't be alive to kill him. His plan was successful until Finbar and Rob went back to stop it from happening. David does not believe Finbar when he tells this story.

The CityEdit

Little is known about the kingdom he rules but he ruled a powerful one with markets, blacksmiths, slums, an arena, housing, a prison, baracks, a royal palace with well trained troops with the most execellent equipment. Supplying the city is a quarry with an army of miners working there. The city is located in a space surrounded by a huge crater. The only way to get to the city is a bridge into it. The huge palace where D 2 the addy lives and rules it has a throne room, a porch, a kitchen, bedrooms, and a place for the king to meditate. There is also an arena where people can gamble in. Little is known about its location and what happened to it.

D 2 the addyEdit

Only a glimpses of him have been seen but he is the pig demon father of David the Porkborn, even though David never saw him as he only grew up with his mother. He has lived for centuraries but no one knows what happened to him and his disappearance is a mystery in the Voltz Wars series


D_2the_addy's name is a pun on D_2the_avid's name and daddy