D_3the_avid through D_36the_avid are the 34 Clones from David's Project kept in a secret chamber under Elysium. They spent a large amount of time in stasis due to the nuclear strike from Ricochet while he was under the effect of a Porkcrux in Season 3. They have been woken up as of recently.

David's Clone ProjectEdit

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David's project was a cloning facility on a spaceship, equipped with a nursery, a clone storage area, an armoury, and much more. David's Project was hit by missiles when _Ricochet was taken over by a Porkcrux and launched antimatter at FnD, losing everything but 36 of his clones. With the help of C4ff, D_2the_avid has awoken the 33 remaining clones. Sadly all but Clone 47 died in the battle of Elysium.