David's Royal Trading Empire is a massive trading company run by D 2the avid and based in Elysium. Currently the trading Empire is down due to the black hole in the middle of the city

Taking a Page From FMB's BookEdit

Learning from the successful FMB's Export, David realized that Elysium's strategic position in the sea could make it a great trading empire. Thus he built warehouses, trading ships, and sent Jermaine on a expedition to trade cobblestone and find trading opportunities.

A Pirate CrewEdit

When Jermaine returned he had found much more than just trading opportunities, he had picked up a crew of pirates. Captain Cornelius Atwood Shawcross, the captain of the pirates, had been attacked by Edd's pig army and was stranded, until Jermaine found and picked up him and his crew. David proceeded to hire the captain to work for his empire.

Meth TradingEdit

As Shawcross brought in more wealth from pirating, Finbarhawkes saw a different way to make money. Setting up a secret drug lab, Finbar began taking the elements out of rotten zombie flesh and turning it into Methamphetamine. Once completed this was added to the exports made by the trading company. This is most likely halted due to Finbar's recent split from Elysium.

The CanalEdit

David constructed a canal to further extend the reach of his Empire. He now has the ability to reach an ocean on the other side of the world to trade with various countries and villages on the other side. After blocking up all other nearby rivers, the Canal was the only waterway connecting the Far Sea and Great Sea. As such all trade going between the two major seas had to travel through Elysium, causing Elysium to gain ever more increasing amounts of wealth and power from trade.

Future PlansEdit

As to expand his Trading Empire, David planned to expand the port for more ship parking how ever due to the battle and black hole in the middle of the city its most likely not going to happen, most likely the Trading Empire is permeably closed forever.