Dr_Ouroboros is the mysterious priest of the Tonatiuh people who knows the power of the pork. Dr_Ouroboros taught Edd2012 the power of the pork and Edd now wishes to use that power against FND Games and FMB.


Calling FNDEdit

After hearing some rather strange phone calls involving the number seven, FND member, D_2the_avid, along with his friends Finbarhawkes, FunkMasterBlast and _Ricochet, were lead to an Aztec Temple by Dr_Ouroboros. Ouroboros explained that Edd had split his soul into seven pieces of pork and David was the only one who could touch them without going insane because he was the "Porkborn."

The Seven PorkcruxesEdit

After calling David and his allies to the temple, Ouroboros told David that they must destroy all seven Porkcruxes to kill Edd. After Ouroboros left the temple, a wither spawned and while David destroyed the first Porkcrux, Finbar, FunkMasterBlast and _Ricochet held off the wither.


  • Dr_Ouroboros is the last priest of Tonatiuh and always appears to give trials to whoever he encounters, whether they be friends or enemies of Edd.
  • Now that the evil threatening Mearth has been defeated, Ouroboros may finally be able to come out of hiding.
  • It is unknown why he chose to kidnap Jackson instead of Jermaine first as bait for FnD, but this was not explained.