Elvedui was an elf who lived in the Twilight Forest. He was part of a group of elves known as the Elves of Twilight, and lived in their city until it was destroyed by Edd2012. He fought with D 2the avid and others to defeat Galardon.

Living in HidingEdit

Elvedui was not a guard in the original elven city, but when it was destroyed by Edd he quickly rose to fill the spot of those who died. After the remaining elves when into hiding, Elvedui acted as captain of the guard to keep Lady Areth and the others safe.

Meeting DavidEdit

When D_2the_avid got lost in the Twilight Forest, Elvedui found and ambushed him. However, his natural elven ability to stare into one's soul allowed him to realize David was well intentioned. Elvedui allowed David passage to Lady Areth, and once David declared he would defeat Galardon and destroy the darkness which lay over the land, he joined him.

Attacking Galardon's TowerEdit

Elvedui assembled three other elven soldiers to travel with him and David to defeat Galardon. The group fought through the "Taken by the Fog" monsters and Elvedui helped slay many of them, staying by David's side. Once they broke into the tower, Elvedui continued to help slay the corrupted wizards inside. After mourning the death of one of the other elves who was killed during the battle, the remaining team of four charged up the tower.

Elvedui's DeathEdit

As the elves and David reached the top of the tower, they were attacked by Galardon himself. The two remaining weaker elves were quickly killed by Galardon's powers, but Elvedui and David exchanged blow for blow with the evil wizard. Right when Elvedui and David had Galardon cornered, he knocked David away with magic skulls, and slew Elevdui in a one on one duel. David used his sword, Ukufutheka to slay Galardon and avenge Elvedui's death. He was honored for his valiant efforts to save the realm, despite his fall in action.