"Qudotous Ve Odtus"
– Endwalker's chanting

The Endwalkers are a cult of robed humans which worships the End. They practice ancient dark magic which allows them to shoot bolts of dark energy, transform others into enderman-like creatures and suck the life force out of themselves, with the side effect of getting milky white pupils. They were at war with Elysium. The Endwalkers also have a secret base inside the 2nd of the 3 tallest trees, about 90 blocks from David's camp.

Beliefs Edit

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An Endwalker sacrificial ceremony

  • Human Sacrifice -The Endwalkers capture people for sacrificing. They put the victim on a slab of rock, before Sakamoto opens up their chest and then pushes the body into the End pool below.
  • End Magic -The Endwalkers practice End magic, which gives them a variety of dark powers.
  • Reverence of End -They worship the End and praise everything from it. Endermen are sacred and harming or killing them is sacrilegious.

The Battle of End River Edit

After dealing with David and his company, they followed the army of Elysium to End River where they found them ready to make their last stand. The Endwalkers were not the greatest fighters and had no armor but they made up for their lack of braun in brains. If they were to get to them they would have to cross the river, all while dealing with a storm of arrows. To combat this, they turned invisible and surround them, thinking they could overpower them in numbers. However, the Elysium troops held their formation, so the Endwalkers reappeared to attack them from all sides. The battle raged on through the night and into the morning. It ended with the Elysium troops victory, killing every Endwalker that attacked them.

The Capture of Sakamoto Edit

With the lose of the battle of End River, Sakamoto decided to flee. Unbeknownst to him, he was being followed and surrounded by Elysium troops. His words last were "You would risk your life for your friends then you are fool for -". Before he could finish the wizard's apprentice knocked him out. He is now kept in the Elysium prison