Ezio Mooditore is what appears to be a regular cow, however he is one of the most adept mountain climbers in the world. Ezio started out scaling mountains with ease, then proceeded to get himself stuck in impossible places, yet still climb out. It was when he climbed on top of FnD's quarry, an area blocked off by piping and a 3 block high jump, Finbarhawkes took notice of the cow. Ezio was put in his own personal pen with Archie the Chicken-Ninja in Elysium, though it is said he could escape at any time, as could Archie, due to their talents. It is speculated that Ezio might have known Galactus.

Ezio's Spying MissionEdit

When planning a raid on FMB's base, Winterly Rock, Finbarhawkes sent Ezio on a spying mission to to castle. Ezio's general "dumb cow" appearance allowed him to infiltrate the base with no one seeing anything out of the ordinary, and his climbing skills allowed him to easily infiltrate the mountaintop castle. Ezio discovered many secrets of FMB's base and reported them back to Finbar, which helped him and David successfully lead an attack on the base.

Finbar's TrialEdit

During Finbar's Trial, Ezio was the only member of Elysium who supported Finbar's side of the argument. When Finbar was about the be sentenced, Ezio set down a secret chest of explosives and invisibility potions, which Finbar used to escape. Ezio used his skills to also escape the city and met up with Finbar on Rapture, where he became Fin's personal super-assassin.

Life at RaptureEdit

Ezio lived with Finbar at Rapture, and could often be seen walking and climbing around parts of the city. Finbar sent Ezio on numerous spying missions, the most prominent being his tracking down of Lord Rory Blackhammer II's location. Ezio stayed in Rapture during the Invasion of Elysium. It is unknown what happened to him after Finbar's death and the destruction of most of the Allied Army of Rapture at Elysium.


  • Ezio Mooditore's name is a pun of Ezio Auditore from the Assasin's Creed games and "moo", the sound cows often make
  • Akthough Ezio has never been shown to speak, he can apparently communicate with Finbar in some fashion.