FMB's Export, also known as FMB's Port and the "Sexport" by other factions, refers to FMB's Port Base and Trading Company in Voltz Wars: Season Three. The port mainly exported cobblestone and was protected by a wall armed with laser and anti-air turrets.

Finding the PortEdit

After FunkMasterBlast, _Ricochet and Edd2012 fell into the fountain of youth, they were transported to a new dimension, where they found a naturally spawned port, complete with a submarine. The team, FMB, took the port as their base of operations and began to repair and improve the structure.

FMB's "Sexport"Edit

After modernizing the port, and a few shootouts with FnD, Rob and Rich (by this point Edd had turned evil and left FMB) began turning the port into a base for a trading company (this would inspire D 2the avid to create David's Royal Trading Empire in season 4). Because of the large amounts of cobblestone picked up by the massive quarries FMB set up around the port, FMB cobblestone was the first (and most prominent) export of the newly proclaimed FMB's Export. FunkMasterBlast hired a crew of Iron Golems to construct a shipping vessel, and a sign with "FMB's Export" printed on it to be placed atop their base. The sign, which's "s" in FMB's and "E" in Export were too close together, caused FnD to misread the sign as "Sexport", which became the common name for the base by other factions from that point.


After being overrun by FnD in the few shootouts which happened at the port, and Edd's growing danger, FMB outfitted the port with a wall. On the wall many laser turrets were placed, posing a massive threat to anyone who attempted to gain access to the port without permission (and even FnD after they became allies). Anti-air "AA" turrets were also added to the wall in case of a missile attack. Despite the amount of defenses on the port, Ricochet ultimately deemed it unsafe, and moved much if the port's supplies to an underground bunker made of concrete, although the port was still left operational until it's destruction.


During The Early Dawn, after Ricochet (controlled by a Porkcrux) launched anti-matter missiles and FnD and the rest of the world, FnD retaliated by firing Nuclear and Cluster Nuke missiles at the port. Although the initial strike was fended off by the AA turrets, FnD ended up bombing the port with Nuclear Explosives, destroying it entirely.


  • FMB Export is real company which is a business development and sales representative agency.