Minecraft Voltz Wars - The Trial! 48

Minecraft Voltz Wars - The Trial! 48


Rory Jr. Tortured

"Sir Finbarhawkes! You stand here accused of war crimes, including the torture of an innocent child!"
– D_2the_avid

After the discovery of Rory Blackhammer Jr.'s torture, D 2the avid put Finbar on trial for his crimes.

Rory Jr. CaptureEdit

FnD snuck into FMB's castle to capture Rory Jr. using invisibility potions. The kidnapping went well and FnD left without anyone noticing. When they got back they put Rory in a cage to keep him until they made the tower suitable for a child to live in.

Rory TorturedEdit

David went to Elysium's "science lab" and discovered blood trails and assumed that Finbar had the mob trap working. To David's surprise, Finbar did not recall completing the mob trap. This alarmed David and Finbar. They eventually found a sobbing L.S. Delia, who was begging for forgiveness. Next to the mob trap there was a small hallway covered in blood. The two proceeded down the hall to investigate and found numerous rooms covered in blood. The rooms included a sweat room with lava which filled the room with a single cobblestone brick for a person to stand by the heat of the lava. Then there was a beating room where, it is presumed, Rory Jr. took most of his beatings during torture. He was found barely alive on a iron bed with bruises and blood stains all over his body. Finbar hesitantly asked what happened to the already suspicious David. After conferring, David took a sample of the blood on the scene and put it under the microscope in the "science lab" and discovered that it was not only Rory Jr's blood but Finbar's as well. Finbar tried going upstairs to explain to David what he thought happened but David shot him with a tranquillizer gun, knocking him out.

The TrialEdit

Finbar woke in a pen surrounded by the Captains of David's Royal Trading Empire, David as well as high ranking officers of David's Royal Trading Empire. Finbar claimed to be using the child as a sleeper agent and that brainwashing was more effective on younger specimen to attack FMB. It did not convince David. David convicted Finbar of torture of an innocent child, and the rape of numerous women in Elysium.

Finbar's EscapeEdit

Finbar, in disbelief, drank a potion of invisibility made earlier to use to capture Rory Jr. and made his escape out of the pen, before detonating several incendiary bombs set on both the port and inside the main structure of Elysium. It is unknown who was killed but many pirate captains and Ezail were seen on fire, who could be injured or even killed. David attempted to pursue the invisible Finbar but was killed multiple times. Finbar stole 30 diamonds from Elysium's ME System, as well as other ores, and took off in his airship to an unknown location to start his own kingdom, Rapture.