Galactus was a cow NPC character in Voltz Wars: Season One and was D_2the_avid's pet until he was killed in an explosion set by Pyrostasis. David and Finbar buried Galactus' remains near their Volcano Lair.


When Galactus was born, Finbar had planned to have him and all the other cattle killed for leather. However, David took a liking to one of the calfs and refused to kill it, naming it Galactus. Finbar was annoyed by David's persistence, but David saw the calf as a blessing and kept him in his own personal pen. Dave raised Galactus well, and he soon became an adult. As such David became very attached to Galactus, whereas Finbar more saw him as only another cow.


Things went well for the cow until Pyro snuck into his enclosure and rigged it with explosives while Finbar and David slept. The next morning, David found Galactus and the pen rigged to explode. David prepared to try and rescue him, only for Finbar to stop him, as any attempts to get in or out of the pen might set off the explosives. Fin made an attempt to disable wiring to the explosives. However, Pyro had planned for this and Fin's attempt caused a secondary trigger to blow the corral, killing Galactus.


David took Galactus' remaining beef and held a small service. Before David's death at the hands of Finbar in Voltz Wars: Season Four, he had made plan to build a tomb and memorial for Galactus. Unfortunately David died before he could build the memorial.

Minecraft Aporkalypse Edit

Galactus is owned by Finbarhawkes in Minecraft Aporkalypse. He and Ezio Mooditore where taking by the tax men to force Finbar to pay 10 gold to them. Which Finbar along with aid from David succeed in rescuing them from the tax collectors.


  • Despite only appearing in seven episodes, Galactus is one of the most beloved characters in the Voltz Wars series.
  • Galactus' death ranked as the saddest moment in the series by a poll, again despite occurring only in the tenth episode in the series.
  • David has speculated that Ezio Mooditore may have known or been related to Galactus