General Blueworm was the leader of the Army of Krop until its destruction by Edd2012. Blueworm is slightly corrupt, willing to overlook his duties in exchange for money, but ultimately has the best intentions. The General was captured by the Army of Pork during the sacking of Krop, but greatly contributed to the rescue of Krop civilians from Edd's Nether Temple.

The Captain's DebtEdit

When FnD and FMB entered Krop in search of a Porkcrux they encountered General Blueworm whilst trying to enter the Fountain of Life. Although this was a restricted area, Blueworm let the group through in exchange for them paying off his debt at the bank. However, once the debt was paid Blueworm changed his mind and forced the allies to fight his champion to gain access.

Captured by EddEdit

During the sacking of Krop General Blueworm rallied the surviving Krop Soldiers to fight the doomed battle against the Army of Pork in order to allow the Mother of Dragons time to escape. Blueworm himself stayed behind and survived the besiegement, although he was later captured by the Pig Army and imprisoned at Edd's Nether Fort. While imprisoned Blueworm managed to escape and disarm the fort's laser turrets but was recaptured in the process.


Following Edd's kidnapping of _Ricochet and Rory Jr., FunkMasterBlast and Rory Blackhammer (sr.) traveled to the nether fort to save them. Because Blueworm had disabled the laser turrets in his earlier escape, Funk and Rory were able to easily infiltrate the fort and free the prisoners. Since his rescue, Blueworm has rejoined with the Great Mother and Sir Friend Zone with the Krop resistance to once again fight Edd.