The Hammasons

"Hum hum hum hum. Hum hum. Hum hum. Hammer time!"
– Hammasons's Chant

The Hammasons are a secret society consisting of all the leaders of Elysium dedicated to finding the Holy Warhammer of Holiness and its history. They only meet at night when all the citizens of Elysium are asleep and they can secretly hold their meetings in the Elysium Palace Observatory. Currently the Hammasons are disbanded due to the Destruction of Elysium.


After D 2the avid realized how successful his fake religion has been with the dwarven population of Winterly Rock, he and C4ff went there to meet with the covert team to plant more items. Along the way, while digging an underground tunnel to infiltrate the rock, C4ff discovered the ruins of a underground base. It was filled with ruins and the remains of a priest who taught the ways of the Holy Hammer of Holiness. 


King David of ElysiumEdit

Leader of the Hammasons and King of the Hammasons' home city of Elysium. David originally created a replica of the Holy Warhammer by mistake as he tried to create a fake religion in Winterly Rock. After C4ff realized the Holy Hammer actually existed, David created the Hammasons to secretly search for relics of the hammer and hopefully the hammer itself.


The original discoverer of the relics that proved the Holy Warhammer's existence, C4ff is one of David's closest friends and joined in the search for the hammer.


David's personal second in command, Jermaine is extremely intelligent. Due to his inauspicious outwards appearance Jermaine has been sent to start proper archaeological digs at the site where C4ff found scrolls about the Holy Warhammer.

Lady ArethEdit

David's fiancée and leader of the Elven sect in Elysium. In charge of the diplomatic rations of the Hammasons with other organizations along with Jermaine.

Sir RawonEdit

Lady Areth's acting bodyguard.


Powerful Elven Mage in charge of Elysium's magical sect. Designated to keep and decipher the various texts and scrolls found retaining to the Holy Warhammer of Holiness.


Never officially mentioned to be member, but as Laergulon's assistant he is implied to be one. Assists Laergulon.

Baron Randall HuntlyEdit

Lord Commander of the Royal Army of Elysium and the Hammasons's military advisor.


Prince of Minymanar and the Minymanarian representative in the Hammasons.


Shipmaster of Elysium. He appeared at the second meeting of the Hammasons. His role is unknown.