"May the light of the Spanner guide you"
– High Technician Meccanus

Meccanus, not Mech-anus, mind you, is a High Technician of the Golden Spanner who has pledged fidelity and works for FunkMasterBlast and FMB. He is an extremely adequate technician and worships the Old Gods.

The Dying ReligionEdit

With Edd's religion of Porkology running rampant throughout the land, Meccanus, one of the last priests of the Old Gods, fled to Winterly Rock. There he persuaded FMB to embrace the Old Gods of Tekkit to help fight Edd. FMB agreed, and Meccanus began to work in the town under Winterly Rock.

The Golden SpannerEdit

Working as High Technician for FMB, Meccanus set up a work place, where Rob and Rich frequently visited. Lord Rory Blackhammer II had become a disciple of his and worked there often. Once one of Edd's Porky Scouts attacked Meccanus' temple, but was killed by Rob and Rich. Meccanus has bestowed the Golden Spanner upon FunkMasterBlast and he is officially part of the order of the Old Gods.

The Soup Kitchen and More Golden SpannersEdit

During the food shortage at Winterly Rock (due to overpopulation and little farmland), Meccanus set up a soup kitchen to help feed the hungry dwarves and people. Working tirelessly, he was able to hold off the populous with his soup until Rob and Rich were able to finish their automatic farming factory and get sufficient food. To pay homage to Meccanus and the Order of the Golden Spanner, there are many large spanner shaped symbols (both made of golden blocks and other materials) throughout the castle of Winterly Rock and the surrounding areas. Some of these spanners were vandalized by D 2the avid and Finbarhawkes during their stealth raid on the city, giving the townspeople quite a scare believing them to be devious living shadows, to which Meccanus preached to the town of the Spanner's light and power over the shadows.


The Soup Kitchen Operated By Meccanus

Spanner Guard Edit

The Spanner Guard are a group of highly skilled technicians, who walk in the light of the Spanner, and swore an oath to protect Funk, Master of Blast. These men were given by Meccanus. Where these men hailed from is currently unknown.

The Cathedral Construction and The ArtifactEdit

With the combine efforts of Jimli and his company, the Great Cathedral of the Spanner was built, creating a centre of religion for the people, only for the Dwarves to discover the Holy Warhammer of Holiness (but in reality was a replica created by David), which Meccanus believed was a false idol and tried to persuade several of the dwarves to return to the fold of the Golden Spanner, but to no avail. Later a dwarf created a small shrine to the Holy Hammer near the Crumble Some district, much to his disproval.

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