This is a list of all implied locations in the Voltz Wars Series. Locations which have been visited/seen confirming their existence will be moved from this page to their own. The list of confirmed locations in the series is on the category page for Location.

Locations in Order of A-ZEdit

City Across the OceanEdit

A city which was apparently attacked by the Army of Pork, it is where Captain Cornelius Atwood Shawcross and many other pirates fled from. There is a painting of it in the trading room of David's Royal Trading Empire, but not much else is known other than it is located far away across the ocean.

Dark Elven SafeguardEdit

A safeguard where the women and children of the Dark Elves hid during the War of the Dragons.

Drug Outlawed CityEdit

The City where L.S. Delia Smith was from. She supposedly was on the run from the authorities (most likely because of her illegal drug business) when she found Elysium.

Holey MountainEdit

The sacred Dwarven Stronghold which was formed when Brontus the Tall threw his axe and split the mountain in two (according to legend), it is the center of Dwarven society and religion. It was overrun by Edd's Forces who in turn were forced out by the Mother of Dragons. Jimli was apparently steward there. It is located directly north of Winterly Rock past Stone Garden


The city where Agis and Alcamenes are from. Supposed to be located south-east of Elysium and homeland of the Mimyrnans.

Mother of Dragons' HideoutEdit

The location where the Mother of Dragons is hiding. It is possible this is the Holey Mountain or Sandy Crack, but neither have been confirmed.

Other Elven Wizards' TowersEdit

Although both the towers of Laergulon and Galardon are found by D 2the avid in the Twilight Forest, Lady Areth implies in her story that ALL of the elven wizards had towers despite only two being seen.

Quarry LandEdit

An area where David has his quarries set up. It is known that the quarries exist, due to the ores coming through the quarry tesseract, but Quarry Land has never actually being shown.

Woodfolk's VillageEdit

The town where the Woodfolk lived before moving to Winterly Rock. The Woodfolk claim that the Army of Pork burnt it down, but Edd is only ever shown to be burning down trees after the Woodfolk ambush with no houses in sight.