Lady Areth is the leader of the Elves of Twilight and to-be wife of D_2the_avid. She was found with the survivors of Edd2012's hostile takeover of the Twilight Forest by David and lived with him in Elysium.

Life in the Twilight Forest Edit

During the lifespan of the prosperous Elf Civilization in the Twilight Forest, Lady Areth existed as a queen-like figure. Her exact duties are unknown, but she is revealed to be of elven nobility. When Edd arrived at the Elven Capital Lady Areth welcomed him in, not knowing his intentions. Following Edd's attack and subsequent destruction of the city, Lady Areth went into hiding.

Life in Elysium Edit

After King David of Elysium came to the Twilight Forest and saved the elves, he brough them back to his city of Elysium. However, tensions were high as the elves were unused to being ruled by a human and the last human they had met Edd tried to kill them. To help cement the alliance between the elves and humans of Elysium, Lady Areth offered to marry David to officially unite humans and elves. Unfortunately the wedding was put on hold as David had still not finished construction of his palace where the The Wedding would take place.

Marrying David Edit

Since the completion of the White-gold Palace of Elysium, preparations began for David and Lady Areth's wedding. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, David decided to invite FMB to the wedding to secure an alliance with both them and the elves. The wedding was halted due to the beginning of the Invasion of Elysium. During the battle, Sir Rawon and Jermaine were just barely able to save her, becoming one of the prime members of the Elysium survivalist group known as the Elysium Remnants.