"The main attack seems to be coming from the south! I've sent men to the walls"
– Morgan Bernhardt during the Battle of the Rock

Morgan Bernhardt is a commander who was in charge of battalion of soldiers, called the Grudgebringers, roaming near Winterly Rock. He now works as Captain of the Guard at Winterly Rock. His origins are unknown but he was recently revealed by Oliver Crumble to be of crude birth, but this is most likely an insult due to Lady Crumble's interest in the soldier. In order to help keep Bernhardt in command of the army despite his crude birth, FunkMasterBlast knighted Morgan and made him into an official lord.

Attacked by EddEdit

While marching nearby Winterly Rock, Bernhardt and his men were attacked by Edd's pig army. After being defeated, Morgan ordered his men to retreat to the nearby castle for protection. Once there he explained his predicament to FunkMasterBlast. FMB took the soldiers in and now use them as their town guard.

The Battle of Marston KlempEdit

After seeing FMB rush back to Winterly Rock, Morgan was surprised and alarmed to see them back so soon. Dumbfounded at the severity of the situation, he quickly prepared The Army Of Winterly Rock. When the Battle of Marston Klemp began, he and the Grudgebringers were bravely holding off the Pork Soldiers until he was split up from his men and was thrust into a one-on-one duel with Sir Sausagemeat. He soon gained the upper hand and managed to kill the pork general by kicking him into the valley. After the fight he was grateful as to how little of his men had died in the fight.


Following the Battle of Bogdon Fells Bernhardt was knighted by FunkMasterBlast and made into one of the lesser lords of Winterly Rock. This knighting, along with the knighting of Klaus and Robin Woodfolk, was part of Rob's plan to help boost morale and keep control of the military in the face of defeat at Bogdon Fells. Morgan has not currently received any land, but Rob has promised that he will receive land as soon as possible. Bernhardt's lordship was in part brought about from Sir Oliver Crumble's claims that Morgan (being of crude birth) was unfit to lead the Rock in FMB's absence.