This page lists all of the major battles of Voltz Wars, season 4. The battles from Season 3 are not on this list.

The War of FnD and FMBEdit

This conflict between the powerful once allied factions of FnD and FMB took place following The Early Dawn and lasted until Finbar's Trial. As the Early Dawn destroyed the alliance between the factions (FnD believing FMB deliberately launched missiles at them and FMB angry over FnD's retaliation) they quickly came into armed contact after fleeing to Merth. The conflict ended after Finbarhawkes split from David, ending FnD. David has since reconciled with FMB where as Finbar is still hostile towards them.

The Battle of Sandy CrackEdit


Finbar Sniping _Ricochet (left) as David runs from FunkMasterBlast (right)

FnD's air assault on FMB was the first clash between the two major factions since The Early Dawn. As Finbar was scouting the coast near their base, he discovered FMB's submarine, which (after looting the coal blocks from) he continued further to find the town of Sandy Crack, where FMB were living. In the resulting battle, FnD circled the town in their airships, firing at the Villagers and FMB (as Flight of the Valkyries played in the background) Eventually, David dropped into the city and killed _Ricochet in a gunfight. FunkMasterBlast ran out of ammunition and charged Finbarhawkes, but was also killed. The battle was won by FnD.

The Bombardment of ElysiumEdit


Finbar (left airship) attacking FMB's bomber As David covers him.

Brooding revenge for their earlier defeat, FMB eventually constructed an airship in their mountaintop castle of Winterly Rock. They then used the airship (which was equipped with TNT cannons) to besiege Elysium, FnD's city. FMB initially set up their airship too far away, and their cannons could not reach the city. During this time Finbar and David launched their own airships and flew up, beginning to fire upon FMB. David attempted to destroy FMB's airship balloons, but was killed by Rob with his Blackhammer Steel Sword. Eventually the airship moved close enough to damage the lighthouse, but after three rounds of TNT fire, _Ricochet was shot by David and all of FMB's ammunition was lost in the explosion of TNT that followed. Rob retreated and _Ricochet tried a land assault, but was killed by David again. The victor of the battle is unclear as FMB damaged the lighthouse, but FnD forced them to retreat. Rob later brought this up to Richard, who said that it was a victory on both sides, this makes the battle a draw.

War of the PorkEdit

The War of the Pork is undoubtedly the largest and most critical war occurring in the Voltz Wars. The War is between the Empire of Pork and its protectorates against many other factions (including Winterly Rock, Elysium, Minymanar, Krop, the Dwarven Kingdoms among others). Although the exact start of the war is unknown, it most likely began with the Sacking of Krop as that was the first time the Army of Pork was officially mobilized against another faction. The largest fighting factions in the War of the Pork is Stone Garden, Winterly Rock and Krop.

The Battle of Osmond PlainsEdit

Most likely the first major battle let by the Army of Pork in Voltz Wars: Season Four. Edd and his commanders brought a large force of Pigmen to attack the keep of Lord Osmound. After capturing Osmound's town Edd besieged and stormed the keep, killing Osmound in the process. This would be the first major territorial gain of the Army of Pork since the Sacking of Krop.

Sacking of FantonEdit

A battle occurring early in the war. Not much is known about the battle itself but apparently the Army of Pork attacked the city of Fanton Barless, obliterating the defenses and enslaving the populous. The Men of Pork would occupy the city until it's populous was liberated by FunkMasterBlast, _Ricochet and Lord Rory Blackhammer II.

Capture of the Holey MountainEdit

One of the Army of Pork's greatest early feats, a massive pigman army was able to capture the Dwarven holy city of the Holey Mountain. Specifics on the battle are unknown but a large group of Dawrves were able to escape the mountain and take refuge at Winterly Rock.

Ambush of the GrudgebringersEdit

Edd, upon hearing reports of a massive Grudgebringer army marching against him, set an ambush on a heavily wooded side of a road. As the Grudgebringers passes the Army of Pork attacked at their center. The marching line was cut in two and the pork men easily won the day. A small group of Grudgebringers including their commanders, Morgan Bernhardt and Klaus, managed to escape and take refuge at Winterly Rock.

The Destruction of Edd's Nether FortEdit


Funk and _Ricochet engage Edd's Pig Army in battle

After Edd2012 kidnapped Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer and _Ricochet, Rory Blackhammer and FunkMasterBlast assaulted Edd's Nether Temple, where the prisoners were held. After killing a few pig guards, the duo acquired an airship and used it to fly by Edd's Pig Army, which defended the temple. Once gaining access from a side door, Rory Blackhammer killed General Black Pudding, the leading Pigman there. Funk freed _Ricochet and the other prisoners. _Ricochet, Funk, and Rory Blackhammer then raided the armory, taking armor and guns, which they proceeded to use to fight their way through the pig army outside. _Ricochet threw dynamite into the Fortress at the last moment and it exploded later. The battle was won by FMB.

Liberation of the Holey MountainEdit

A battle between the Army of Pork, occupying the Holey Mountain, and the army of the Great Mother. The Mother apparently unleashed her fully grown dragons during the battle, scattering the pigmen and sending them in a full retreat. The Great Mother, after fully liberating the city, resided there for a period of time.

The Attack on Galardon's TowerEdit


David and the remaining elves infiltrating the bottom of the tower.

When D_2the_avid entered the Twilight Forest in search of a Lich Trophy, he ended up finding the forest covered in dark fog. He later learned from the local Elves of Twilight that an evil had come from Galardon's Tower and brought death to the land. To defeat the evil and take revenge, David, Elvedui (captain of the remaining elf soldiers) and a few other elves traveled to destroy Galardon. After entering the deep forest and fighting through swarms of "Taken by the Fog", monsters of unknown origin, the group made it to the tower. David broke in with his obsidian paxel and began to battle with two corrupted elven wizards inside. One of the elves who was with David died during the fight, but it only strengthened the teams resolve to defeat the darkness. After killing the remaining wizards, David and the elves climbed to the top of the tower and engaged Galardon in battle. With his extraordinary powers gained from Edd, Galaedon quickly killed the lesser elves. Elvedui held off the evil wizard and fought side by side with David to defeat him. However, Galardon pushed David away with magic and slew Elvedui in a sword fight. David avenged Elvedui's death by killing Galardon with Ukufutheka, and restored peace to the realm.

The Woodfolk AmbushEdit

A small ambush on the Army of Pork as it marched towards Stone Garden. The Woodfolk, presumably led by Robin Woodfolk, attempted to surprise attack the porkmen to drive them back. Massively outmanned, the Woodfolk were defeated and fled the forest as the porkmen burnt it down in vengeance.

The Siege of Stone GardenEdit


Porkish Siege towers approach Stone Garden.


After suffering defeats at both the Holey Mountain and his nether fort, Edd moved his Army of Pork to a siege camp outside the Dwarven castle of Stone Garden. Whilst the siege equipment was being constructed, a Dwarven Vanguard marched from the castle in a attempt to destroy the Pig Army before it could attack. Edd led the Porkmen and Men of Pork to defeat the Dwarven Vanguard in the pain outside the castle. Although the Vanguard was defeated, there was not enough siege equipment ready to breach the walls. However, once the siege towers were finished, the Pig Army launched a second assault on the castle. This time was much more successful as many porkish soldiers breached the main wall. Edd himself sunk into the inner castle through a system of relatively unguarded tunnels. Once inside Edd killed King Stone Garden and opened the gates for the rest of the army. With the castle taken, Edd assumed control as king.

The Battle of Marston KlempEdit


The Armed Forces of Winterly Rock defends against the Pork Army on the south side of the bridge.

After the Siege of Stone Garden, FMB decided to go to Stone Garden to see Edd's intentions. After a long journey, the two manage to infiltrate Edd's fortress and get into Edd's Inner Circle. They then discover that Edd is sending 500 pork soldiers to invade Winterly Rock. FMB then left to round up their army in Winterly Rock to fight Edd. Whilst on the way back to Winterly Rock, they cross a major bridge that Edd's army needs to cross on the way to Winterly Rock. The two decide that they could blow the bridge while part of Edd's Army is crossing, splitting the army in half. Then the 100 soldiers from Winterly Rock would ambush and attempt to hold off the remaining forces which crossed the bridge. Woodfolk scouts were placed hidden in tress posted along the Marston Klemp Bridge while Ricochet placed explosives from underneath. The soldiers camped out and waited for Edd's Army. Before the Army of Pork arrived at the bridge, Woodfolk scouts made their way across the bridge and harassed the Porkmen to make them angry enough to charge the bridge without thinking. The scouts then escaped to warn FMB that the army was approaching. As planned, the porkmen marched straight across the bridge led by Sir Sausagemeat, as the Armed Forces of Winterly Rock waited on the other end. The battle began once the armies met on the south end of the bridge. Grudgebringer Crossbows and Dwarven Axeluggers pestered the charging Army of Pork as Grudgebringer Swords and Dwarven Axemen attempted to hold the Porkmen on the bridge. Morgan Bernhardt and Sir Sausagemeat battled each other with Morgan forcing the porkman commander off the bridge into the valley killing him instantly. With most of the Army of Pork on the bridge, Rob ordered Richard to blow the bridge, but a major failure occurred and the bridge never blew. However, in an act of bravery, Rory Blackhammer went under the bridge and manually set off the explosives, plummeting him and the pork soldiers into the valley.

Bogdon Fells SkirmishEdit


Porkmen being shot by hidden Woodfolk Militia

Following his defeat at Marston Klemp, Edd sent a platoon of porkmen to hold the pass of Bogdon Fells, one of the only other passages from Stone Garden to Winterly Rock. Under the command of Sgt. Major Snout, the porkmen set up base in the swamp and constructed watchtowers to secure the area. Edd promptly began using the pass to send troops from Northern Merth to Southern Merth and vice versa. after FMB ended up discovering the pass, they realized it had to be destroyed before Edd sent an army through to attack Winterly Rock. They assembled all of the Woodfolk to sneak attack and take over the Fells. The Woodfolk first drew the armored pork swords out into the swamp, where their heavy armor dragged them down and made them easy targets. Rob and Rich then charged the watchtowers and killed the Porkmen Archers stationed there (although taking some casualties in the process). After killing Sgt. Major Snout, FMB sent some of the Woodfolk to wear pig masks and pose as the porkmen who were stationed there. The Woodfolk now wait at the pass, sending information back to Winterly Rock about Edd's use of it. Recently the Mustache Man has leaked to Edd that the pass may have been compromised, leading to the Second Battle of Bogdon Fells.

Second Battle of Bogdon FellsEdit


The Free Slaves and Woodfolk face off against the 2nd Pork Army

During FMB's visit to Bogdon Fells to check on the condition of troops there, Woodfolk scouts reported to of an army approaching the pass. FunkMasterBlast hid in the old Pig Army base and set up an ambush in the trees and. Two Porky reconnaissance platoons arrived at the Base and tried making contact with their Sergeant Major but instead found Funk in the base. FunkMasterBlast drew his sword and slew the Porkman commander. The rest of the forces in the trees, most disguised as Porkmen, ambushed the remaining ground forces and quickly destroyed them. Once the skirmish settles, a loud horn blew and revealed the entire 2nd Pork Army of 400 porkmen ready for battle on the other side of Bogdon Fells. Rob and Rich decide to retreat back to the camp they had set up beforehand. They gather all they can carry from the camp and the expeditionary force heads for Winterly Rock. But only a short way from the camp another horn sounds worrying FunkMasterBlast that they have been surrounded. However, it is revealed that an allied army of the Free Slaves from Krop.Led by Sir Friend Zone, they tell FMB that they are here hold the pass but request assistance from Funk and his Woodfolk archers. Rob agrees and the Free Slave Army arrives at the pass face to face with Edd's 2nd Pork Army. Heavily outnumbered, the Free Slave Army positions itself in a line across the pass and Woodfolk archers hid in the trees to pick them off Porkmen with arrows. The battle ensues with neither side gaining ground, when large Porkmen known as War Porkers are sent in to push through the right flank of the Free Soldiers' line. The right side flank is quickly broken by the powerful giant Porkmen and Funk orders the right side to fall back. More War Porkers arrive and the line starts to slowly crumble. The Army of Pork overruns the Free Slave lines and Robin Woodfolk reports that the battle is lost. FunkMasterBlast, with a heavy heart, orders a retreat. The pass was lost to the Army of Pork and the surviving members of the expeditionary force regrouped at a remote village near the pass and engaged in a skirmish with Edd's scouts.

The Mimyrnan AmbushEdit


The Mimynans charging Porkmen Following an attack on a small Mimyrnan village by the Army of Pork, Minymanar declared war on Edd.

During the initial attack by the Pig Army, they captured some 10 soldiers and were bringing them back to Stone Garden through Bogdon Fells under the command of Sir Honeycured. However, before they reached the pass they were discovered by King David of Elysium. Hoping to free the Mimyrnan soldiers, David sabotaged the wheel of the transport wagon. When the wheel broke down David prepared to ambush the small porkman force, but moments before he attacked Mimyrnans led by Agis charged out of the woods and slaughtered all of the porkmen (including Sir Honeycured). After the Mimyernans freed their brothers David revealed himself. One of the Mimyernan commanders, Alcamenes explained they had been sent to rescue the prisoners and set up a fort in the area to deter future attacks by Edd. David told them that he was King of a nearby city and they were welcome to stay there and use it for a fort instead of building their own.

Battle of LorhamEdit

To add another city to Edd2012's massive empire, he decided to seize the village of Lorham. The battle began with the Army of Pork attacking the city guards outside the walls then breaching the town itself using TNT cannons. Edd's Army then proceded to flood in, meeting heavy resistance from Lorham's guard, despite the force against him, Edd quickly overwhelmed the soldiers and was soon face-to-face with Lord Lorham. Edd demanded his surrender, With no other choice but death, Lord Lorham hesitantly pledged his town to Edd, as of now, Edd has another city under his belt. 

The Liberation of FantonEdit

An operation carried out by FunkMasterBlast, Ricochet and Lord Rory Blackhammer II, the three aproached the outskirts of the city of Fanton Barless, and killed a group of guards. After liberating some villagers who were enslaved nearby, FMB learned that there was a secret passageway through the mines into the city. Rob and Rich descended into the mines, killing any Men of Pork in their way. After traveling through a few trials, the duo made it into the Forges of Fanton. There they met Jonathan Blackhammer. After gearing up on the armor and weapons crafted by the Blackhammers, Rob and Rich fought their way out of the city. This created enough of a diversion of Rory Blackhammer to rescue the rest of the populous and bring them to the safety of Marston Klemp.

Battle of NorthbayEdit

The last battle in the Army of Pork's conquest of the Sunny Shore. Northbay was a large port-city with many large surrounding towns. The Lord of Northbay was the most powerful of the Lords of the Sunny Shore and had an army of guardsmen unparalleled by the other lords. However, despite Northbay's strong defensive position and massive garrison, the Army of Pork was able to use obsidian TNT cannons to blast through the walls and send the full force of the Pig Army (and Porktonian Allies) into the city. Although the guardsmen put up strong opposition they were overcome by the porkmen's numbers and forced to retreat into the keep. With the city taken Edd began setting up to besiege the Keep at Northbay and finally destroy the Lords of the Sunny Shore.

The Fall of ElysiumEdit

Due to the fact that Edd sent Finbar to attack Elysium, and that a portion of the Army of Pork was involved in the battle, the Fall of Elysium can be considered part of the War of the Pork. However, because the main conflict was between Finbar and David, the battle generally falls under "Finbar V David". See Fall of Elysium below.

Battle of the RockEdit

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.23.44 PM

The Army of Pork outside the South Gate

As part of Finbar and Edd's plan for a season-ending decisive invasion of both Elysium and Winterly Rock simultaneously, the majority of the Army of Pork's bulk was sent to besiege Winterly Rock. The battle took place in three stages: the first being an attack on the North Gate, the second being an attack on the Southern Wall and the third being the final invasion through a small tunnel under the castle. The Army of Pork successfully took the city, but FMB and most of Rock's High Council managed to escape thanks to the help of Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer who brought his Hammermen from the Hammer of the Pass to Winterly Rock and broke the siege from behind, allowing a small gap for survivors to flee through.

Stage OneEdit

The first part of Edd's attack began at the Rock's Northern Gate. The gate, being a foremost entryway into the city, was heavily guarded. Whats more, though, was that the causeway to the North Gate had been rigged to explode earlier by Sir Ricochet. Edd sent some 200 porkmen against the gate, only for them all to meet their demise when the causeway exploded. However, this force had only been a distraction so that the rest of Edd's men could besiege the Southern Gate and walls.

Stage TwoEdit

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.23.18 PM

Porkmen charge from the siege towers

Now at the Southern Walls, Edd called a peace banner and commanded Lord Funk to surrender. However, the parlay soon ended as Sir Ricochet began firing arrows at Edd and broke laws of the peace banner. Three porkish siege towers then proceeded to roll up to the east side of the South Wall. Once at the walls the siege towers dropped their doors. Porkmen rolled out of the towers in groups of 25, pushing into the thin line of heavily armored Grudgebringers on the wall. But the Grudgebringers, despite being greatly outnumbered, were far superior in training and gear. With the help of Woodfolk auxiliary fire and Rob and Rich directly leading the defense, the porkmen were only anble to make a small advance. Funk eventually started firing flame arrows against the siege toweres and ordered Sir Ricochet to do the same. Soon all three towers were aflame and the porkmen were forced to retreat. Ross the approached the lord and told him that Oliver Crumble had betrayed them and let the porkmen in at the East Gate.

Stage ThreeEdit

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.26.04 PM

The Final Battle of the Rock

FMB traveled to the East Gate, only to find that there were no porkmen and Crumble had not betrayed them, like Ross had said. At the base of the western edge of the Rock Ross (who revealed himself to be the true traitor, the Mustache Man) brought Edd and the full force of the Army of Pork into the castle through the Dwarven Tunnels. Azguz Blutfaust led the dwarves against the porkmen but all (including Azguz) were overwhelmed and killed. FMB, returning from the Eastern Gate rouse found the Army of Pork bleeding out of the Dwarven Tunnels and into the town. Lord Funk and Sir Ricochet brought all of the men they could muster into the town square to hold off the porkmen, but by then it was already too late. Too many porkish soldiers had already hade it through the tunnels and most of the Rock's Forces died defending their homeland. Rob was badly wounded in battle and Rich was only barely able to pull him out of the city to Rory Blakhammer II (who had managed to take the porkmen from behind and carve an escape rout). All of Winterly Rock's men who managed to flee then traveled and took refuge at Marston Klemp

Finbar vs DavidEdit

A conflict which emerged during Finbar's Trial between differing ideologies of Finbar and David, the clashes between the two have been small scale so far but threaten to erupt into catastrophic proportions with the development if antimatter on both sides.

Finbar's TrialEdit


Rory Jr. Tortured

Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer was found In a torture room beaten and bruised. With samples of blood investigated it was discovered to be some of Finbar's blood as well. David shot Finbarhawkes with a tranquilizer dart and brought him before trial with the pirates as the jury and multiple witnesses. After the trial Finbar was found guilty off his charges. In disbelief, Finbar drank a invisibility potion made in a earlier episode to capture Lord Rory Jr. Blackhammer and escaped. With the frantic search for Finbar, he detonated many incendiary bombs including locations at the port, injuring or killing many pirates and setting the port on fire. He then proceeded to the main room of Elysium and stole around 30 diamonds and other essential ores and left claiming to start his own kingdom while splitting off from Elysium thus ending D_2the_avid and Finbar friendship and co-operation

The Elysium-Rapture WarEdit

Once FnD split after Finbar's Trial, their ideological differences quickly spurred hostilities between Finbar and David.While David's ideology of alliance making,trading and peace with FMB,became in conflict with Finbar's inhuman practices of torture ,converting innocents through brainwashing into slaves and experimenting with mind warping magic.Soon, Finbar's new city of Rapture and Elysium which had stayed loyal to David's ruled out in full fledged war. Although the two parties seldom even saw each other, the citizens and the cities themselves were both damaged in the back-and-forth bombing raids, along with the greifing and vandalism which resulted from land infiltrations. Although open conflict was bound to erupt eventually no matter what, Finbar ultimately started the war when he bombarded Elysium with explosive minecarts launched from The Flying Dutchman, his flagship. Finbar and his ally ockpii then landed in Elysium and began to troll and vandalize the area. When David returned to his city and saw what had happened, he retaliated by launching his stealth bomber the Cloud of Devastation and bombing Rapture in return. Similar to Finbar and Ockpii, David then landed and proceeded to vandalize and troll Finbar's base. The war is still ongoing.

Battle of the Far SeaEdit

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.29.11 PM

Three Elysium Battleships attack a Rapture War Galley (center)

The Battle of the Far Sea was the first direct engagement between Finbarhawkes' Allied Army of Rapture and David's Royal Army of Elysium. It began as David launched his Fleet Royale from Elysium's docks to investigate a unknown powerful source in the sea. Whilst on their way, they ran across the naval ships from Rapture which consisted of a large galley and a smaller ship, with two other ships (one being ockpii's). It is unknown who started the fight, although it is generally agreed by Rapture's citizens that Elysium provoked the battle. The three smaller Rapture ships were quickly destroyed by Elysium's powerful warships, but the large galley held its own. The forces on the last Rapture ship and the survivors from the other three boarded Elysium's ships taking and causing many casualties until Finbar himself entered the fight. He fought David (who also just entered the fray) directly until the two lost each other in the fog. When noticing the impending defeat of his last large naval vessel which had been set aflame, Finbar retreated back to Rapture and got his powerful warship, The Flying Dutchman to even the playing field. He returned and launched two cruise Missiles against the Fleet Royale burning two of the ships leaving the last one to harbor the rest of Elysium's pirates. David returned fire but the strong obsidian walls of The Flying Dutchman withheld the barrage. Seeing defeat, David decided to use a last resort and had one of the last ships filled with obsidian TNT to charge the Flying Dutchman. After the remaining Elysites retreated he rammed his ship on the right side behind the Flying Dutchman and blew the charges underneath the deck. The explosion destroyed both ships and brought a costly victory to Elysium, with only one ship left of the four that entered the battle and suffering moderate losses. Finbar, however, lost all of his newly acquired ships and their crews.

Fall of ElysiumEdit

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.43.46 PM

The Armies of Elysium and Rapture face off.

Following the Battle of the Far sea, Finbar, brooding revenge, sought out Edd and allied their forces with plans for a double pronged attack. According to the plan Edd would attack Winterly Rock while Finbar would lead his own army (with porkmen reinforcements) to attack Elysium. Finbar positioned the army behind the World Eater and set it churning towards the great walls of Elysium. The attacking army immediately noticed something amiss as most of the outer city was vacant. This happened to be because The Wedding of King David and Lady Areth was occurring in the palace. However, a small group of guards on the canal noticed the army and hurried to block their path. Finbar sent a porkman division to attack the Elysites and made short work of them, but captain Cedric managed to escape and ran to David, telling him of the attacking army. David sent Baron Randall Huntly to gather a vanguard to send out to hold off the approaching forces as Randler and Rate Huntly assembled the rest of the army. To counter David's vanguard Finbar sent his own vanguard of War Porkers and Giants foreword. The two forces clashed, Finbar and David fighting fruitlessly (due to their power armor) against each other in the thick of it. Eventually with the interference of Saphira, David and the remaining men retreated back behind the walls. Rapture's army then moved up to the walls and the World Eater began to destroy the fortifications. By then the rest of Elysium's army were stationed behind the gate, ready for the attackers when the wall fell. Once the wall was destroyed, the Army of Rapture charged into the city, but due to the size of the gap, not all of Finbar's forces were able to get in at once. What followed was a bloodbath on both sides and both armies were almost entirely destroyed. The Allied Army of Rapture ended up having to fall back, but Elysium's Royal Army was shattered. Only a handful of men survived: Three groups of Elysium Soldiers, some 20 of David's clones, and a few Mimyrnans led by Alcamenes. Finbar sent Athos and Dacks to lead his few remaining men against the first group soldiers. The giants engaged the soldiers and clones, killing quite a few with the help of porkmen, orc and dark elf reinforcements. Alcamenes and Agis were killed in the fighting but Merek managed to harness the End Magic which had been corrupting him and sent the Giants to the End, killing them. The Naga finally arrived at the battle, swimming up from the docks to attack the second soldier group from behind. The Dark Elf Mages, led by Saenorath, teleported in with the Naga. Laergulon and Guldir led the defenders and managed to kill all of the naga, but their men were quickly killed in turn by the mages. Saenorath struck Guldir with a bolt of Dark Magic and killed him, but Laergulon then transformed Saenorath into a sheep. The two remaining Dark Elf Mages dueled Laergulon and eventually killed him. Saphira flew to the top of the palace and attacked the last group of soldiers, and burned them easily. However, Jermaine came up and fought the dragon, killing her with his mystical hidden strength. Finbar, sensing something was wrong, flew up and found the dead Saphira. Flying into a fit of rage, Finbar began firing sonic missiles all around the city. Baron Randall Huntly and Xartha fought in the council chamber, and Huntly managed to kill the orc king. The victory was short lived, though, as Finbar still in his rage fired a missile at the Baron and killed him. Finbar then proceeded to take the throne of Elysium, were he met David. The two fought each other to the death, where they both ended up finally defeating each other on top of the Wizard Tower. With both armies utterly destroyed and their leaders dying, Finbar's Giant Death Laser somehow fell out of orbit and crashed into the center of the city. The resulting explosion created a back hole which began to consume the world around it.

War of the DragonsEdit


The Allied Army of all the races.

When Finbarhawkes travelled to a portal that suddenly appeard outside Rapture, he found a alternate dimmension of Dark Elves, Orcs, Giants, Naga, Spirit Elementals, and the Dragons. The Dragons were immensly powerful creatures that even the Gods could not tame who travelled to the planet in the alternate dimmension causing havoc among the population. Although some species knew nothing of the war between the planet and the Dragons, after consulting with the leader of the Orcs, Finbarhawkes was tasked with creating a allied army of all the population of the planet to battle and expel the Dragons from their world. This proved rather difficult since most of the species on the planet were at war with each other, mostly the elves, a hated enemy by all the species who were blamed for realeasing the Dragons into their world using magic. The elves claimed this as an accident and were later recruited and their capital city used as a rally point for the rest of the allied army. Finbar managed to convince the species to form the army and rally at the Elf capital to fight the Dragons using armour provided by Finbar and the use of Incendiary and Nuclear explosives.

The Battle of the Soul CrystalEdit


The Elder Dragon with the Soul Crystal

As the Allied Army of all the races prepared to attack the Dragons' Portal, a new problem arose. One of the elder dragons stole the magical Soul Crystal from the Spirit Elementals. The Soul Crystal (which has a resting place for all the displaced souls) would grant the Dragons infinitely powerful magic if used. To reclaim the Crystal, Finbarhawkes and the Spirit Elementals launched an attack on the Dragons controlling the Crystal moments before the main attack on the portal. The Spirit Elementals were able to overpower the lesser dragons and Finbar used a nuclear explosive to defeat the elder dragons, reclaiming the Soul Crystal. However before he died, the Dragon Elder used the the Crystal to rain meteors down on the allied army, wiping out most of the Dark Elven Archers and killing some of the Spirit Elementals.

The Battle for the UniverseEdit


The Allied Army charges against the Dragons

Immediately after Finbar recovered the Soul Crystal, the main force of the Allied Army charged forward to close the Dragons' Portal out of their prison realm. The Elven Ballistas launched magical explosives made by the Orc Mage Alverva. These explosives destroyed the first wave of Dragons and boosted morale as it showed the Dragons COULD be killed. In the subsequent charge the Allied Army took some casualties but managed to push the dragons away from the portal. Then, the head Elven wizard, Saenorath, began casting a spell to close the portal, protected by a force field from the other elven mages. Before the portal could be closed, however, the Dragon King arrived at the battle and fired a blast of powerful magic fire which obliterated most of the army. Finbarhawkes was able to use his power armor to match the massive dragon in battle and distract him long enough for Saenorath to close the portal. Finbar then proceeded to nuke the Dragon King out of the world. Although the allies saved the universe from the Dragons' Rage, they sustained massive casualties. The Orc Clan leaders had all been killed along with the Naga King, half the Spirit Elementals and 90% of the army. Finbar offered to take the few remaining survivors to live with him in Rapture, which they accepted.

The Endwalker CrisisEdit


The Battle of End River

While D 2the avid and other men of the Royal Army of Elysium hunting for Endermen because of the shortages of Ender pearls, one patrol was ambushed by a cult known as Endwalkers; magical beings who praise the End world. The Army then set out to find the missing soldiers, collecting evidence and traces of their whereabouts with the dead Endwalkers at their camp and Merek with a odd transformation. His face was half Endermen half human. David went back to Elysium and immediately consulted Laergulon who sent his apprentice with David and the Army. David assigned Baron Randall Huntly to the task of leading the army alongside him to find the missing soldiers. The expedition began and the army set up in a remote location and made camp. David ordered Baron Randall Huntly to come with him to explore the terrain and look for evidence of anymore Endwalkers after interrogating prisoners who told them where their hideout is before committing suicide through magic. The army surrounded the hideout tree and David went inside just to find a magical ritual taking place with the Endwalkers based on a sacrifice. David and two others dressed as Endwalkers while Baron Randall Huntly and the army stayed outside incase back up was needed. The three managed to find the missing soldiers including Robin and so they planned their rescue. unfortunately the team didn't have the time to pan a rescue after the sacrifices Hagan and Robin was next sacrifice. His brother, out of outrage, singlehandedly attacked the Endwalkers leader conducting the ceremony to save his brother. David was forced to aid him and was knocked out by magical spells. The other soldier in the group, flees and informs Baron Randall Huntly that David was captured. Baron Randall Huntly decided to defend the End River and attack the enemy in more open terrain. The Endwalker's were face to face with the Elysium army on the other side of the River. The Endwalker ordered the attack but the magical men turned invisible confusing the soldiers of Elysium. Suddenly, the Endwalkers appeared right on the army and ambushed them causing chaos quickly. The men fought for hours even into the night but the Army of Elysium prevails leaving most the Endwalkers dead. The Endwalkers leader, after seeing the obvious loss of the battle, fleed the battlefield only for the Royal Army of Elysium to follow him. He was soon surrounded by the soldiers but Laergulon's assistant knocked him out before finishing his own words. The weary soldiers then return to Elysium after gathering their dead and wounded. But before they left Baron Randall Huntly and a few other soldiers, searched for David and the missions troops in the ritual room only to find the two brothers lie dead next to each other and David knocked out with a serious head wound.

Dragon Attack on Winterly RockEdit

During a calm and peaceful morning after a nightmare of the Pig Army invading Winterly Rock, FunkMasterBlast woke to Gordon Ramsey serving him breakfast. After that he visited with the Winterly Rock High Council before a large explosion went off that shook the entire castle. Rob went to investigate and found Gordon Ramsey in the hall way informing Rob of a dragon in his kitchen. Rob then went to the kitchen and found the dragon Saphira attacking with a massive hole blown in the side. They then combated it out of the wall and after fighting for a little while, Ach-aldat came out of his wizard tower and warded off the dragon with his ice magic thus saving the rock. Rob then found Ricochet discussing his anger for him for being asleep while the dragon attacked the castle.