The Mother of Dragons was the former Queen of Krop. She lives with three dragons, which she raised. Known as the Great Mother, she was in possession of the third Porkcrux, the Pork of Fire. It is unknown where she currently resides after escaping the Sacking of Krop.

Queen of KropEdit

The Great Mother was the ancestral Queen of the great city of Krop. At some point she inherited a Porkcrux, the Pork of Fire. Foolishly thinking it would be safe with her from Edd, she did not give it to D_2the_avid when he, Finbarhawkes and FMB came to destroy it. However, when Edd attacked with his massive Pig Army, and the battle was lost, the Mother gave up the Porkcrux to FnD and fled from the city by boat.


After fleeing from Krop, the Great Mother lives in exile in an undisclosed location, either around the Holey Mountain or Sandy Crack. However, when Sir Friend Zone and some soldiers who also from escaped from Krop, they rallied to her. The Queen then gave them orders to patrol the area and kill any of Edd's Porkmen they come across. This led to Sir Friend Zone finding and saving FunkMasterBlast.

The War of the PorkEdit

Following the rescue of many Krop soldiers and civilians from Edd's Nether Temple by FMB, General Blueworm returned to the Mother. With her army reassembled, the Mother of Dragons reentered the war against Edd. The Mother and her soldiers have since fought a few battles against the Army of Pork, the most major being the liberation of the Holy Mountain. The Mother's dragons have also grown to a massive size and strike fear into the hearts of Edd's Porkmen.

The Second Battle of Bogden Fells Edit

The Mother was informed (presumably from Sir Friend Zone) that the Winterly Rock Armed Forces were engaging the army of pork at Bogdon Fells for a second time. She supplied 100 to Sir Friend Zone to assist them in the battle. It looked like they were going to hold the line until a new legion of soldiers, War Porkers, smashed through the line forcing the army to retreat.


  • The Mother of Dragons is based off of the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire character Daenerys Targaryen who is also called the Mother of Dragons.