The MylesC character from Voltz Wars: Season Three resides here. For information regarding the MylesC character in Minecraft Wars click HERE


_MylesC's skin

Partner of TycerX, he enjoys using technical stuff in Voltz Wars with machines.

He appeared for a brief time in the war- tricked by Edd into doing his deeds, but were ultimately taken hostage and made into an orb of energy with his friend Tycer, for use by Edd in his quest for the "Perfect Glaze" (Edd has since been successful)  

On google+ and episode 104 Finbar said that TycerX and _MylesC were banned due to the fact that they were trolling by spawning in antimatter, blowing random stuff up, and building stuff that nearly crashed the server.  Finbar also said that they had to roll the server back by about a week causing FMB to loose alot of hard work that they had done

The Post: "Please +1 this so people can see whats happening. To those moaning that we were unfair to Tycer, please read this before jumping to conclusions, what you didn't see was before this was recorded, he and Myles spawned in antimatter and basically went on a rampage across our server blowing the shit out of stuff, they also built stuff that made it lag so horrifically that we had to roll back the server a week and FMB lost quite a lot of progress, they came to us wanting to be in our series and although its a war server we have 0 tolerance for trolling, especially as its a server we pay quite a bit for and we don't want this series ruined for you guys, if they had stayed on I am sure the series would have ended a lot earlier due to our server totally dying."