The Naga are a race of half human, half snake beings which live in an alternate universe which Finbarhawkes travelled to. There are very few Naga due to them being killed by parasitic Silverfish which live in nests under the Naga's natural desert habitat.


The Naga are the least civilized of the races, and all that is known of their history is that they fought a war against the Dark Elves a thousand years ago. The Naga do not take homes and rather wonder the deserts burrowing holes to sleep in at night, while they bask in the sun all day. As far as it is known, the Naga have only had one king, the Naga King, who led them until his death at the Battle for the Universe. The Naga's natural predator is the Silverfish whose parasitic nature brings years of bad sickness over the Naga population. Because they believe themselves to be the superior race of serpents in the Universe they hate Dragons and joined the allies against the Dragons in the War of the Dragons.

Notable NagaEdit

Naga King The only known King of the Naga, the nameless Naga King led the Naga during the years leading up to the War of the Dragons. The Naga King is larger than most Naga and completely black, except for his enderman-esque eyes. The Naga King was approached by Finbarhawkes and asked to join the alliance against the Dragons, which he agreed to in return for Finbar destroying the dreaded Silverfish nest. The Naga King was killed in the Major Battles - Season 4#Battle for the UniverseBattle for the Universe and the other Naga claim they likely never have a king again.

Twilight NagaEdit


The massive Twilight Naga

Before the Naga civilization was found by Finbarhawkes, one massive unnamed Naga appeared in the Twilight Forest. During FnD's trip to the forest they encountered the giant naga. FnD fought and killed the snake, taking its head as a prize. Its head now rests atop a trophy stand in Elysium.