Notch, known in real life as Markus Persson was the creator of Minecraft and suppousedly assigned Finbarhawkes and D_2the_avid with their mission to hunt down terrorists in Voltz Wars: Season Three and supposedly left FnD some drop shipments, with storage caches. Finbar later reveals that Notch never assigned Him and David the mission and claimed he did not know who left the care packages.


  • Notch's name in real life in Markus Perssonn
  • In season 3 he was (Appraently) Finbarhawkes and D2_the_avid's Benefactor to fight terrorists in Season 4 it is reaveled by Finbar the he was never contacted by Notch it was just a lie to get David to help him fight anyone they could find. Finbar also stated that he doesn't know where the drop shipments came from.
  • Many consider Notch to be the god of Minecraft.
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