Ockpii is Finbarhawkes's first ally since his split from D 2the avid. He was attacked by pirates from David's Royal Trading Empire while sailing to a city to sell sushi and was the only survivor of the attack. He sailed for weeks until coming across Rapture where he was discovered by Finbar. He was given a tour of the base and became Finbar's first ally.

First DisappearanceEdit

During the events of the Dragon War Ockpii was mysteriously absent. Finbar believed that Ockpii may have been killed in an accident, however, after the war ended Ockpii returned to Rapture, Ockpii explained that he had been hunting down a wealthy ship in search or treasure, and after a weeks long expedition found out that the ship was actually a ghost ship with only ghost treasure.

Second DisappearanceEdit

Not long after returning from his previous expedition, Ockpii disappeared again. Finbar later revealed that Ockpii had a love for deep sea diving (again looking for treasure in old ship wrecks) and that he went missing after one such venture. Finbar currently believes that Ockpii died in a tragic diving accident.

Ockpii's youtube channel can be found here-