Cooked pork


A pork chop

Pork, also known in Voltz Wars: Season Three as Lechonmeh, is a vanilla Minecraft item that can be obtained by killing pigs and then cooking their raw porkchops in a furnace. Pork can be used for food and can bring your hunger bar up substantially. In Voltz Wars: Season Three, Pork is used as a weapon by Edd2012 and D_2the_avid is the only one who can stop Edd after FND Games and FMB find all of the Porkcruxes, seven pieces of Edd's soul. Dr_Ouroboros, the last priest of the Tonatiuh people, protects the power of Pork and tells FnD and FMB about the Porkcruxes.


Pork has long been used as a food source for all Minecraft players, however in Season Three of Voltz Wars, Edd2012 uses pork's mystical powers to enchant himself, protection and weaponry. He is obsessed with it and wants to find "the perfect pork" which would give him enough power to destroy the universe. Pork can be imbued with a piece of ones soul to create a Porkcrux. The owner of the Porkcrux cannot be killed unless all of the pieces of their Porkcruxes have been destroyed first. Any normal mortal who touches a Porkcrux will be driven insane and begin to worship the Pork. It is also implied that pork can be turned into Porktonium, a super strong metal which is near impossible to destroy. Porktonium is used in chains of Edd's Nether Temple and as armor and weaponry for his soldiers. In Minecraft Aporkalypse it is shown at by preforming a ritual which involves combining porkchops, some pigs, a bottle of Porkranium and a blood sacrifice of a person which results in the creation of newborn Porkmen.

Pork Rings Edit

Pork Rings are powerful, and very dangerous devices consisting of a ring of piping with cooked pork flowing through it, these rings are very figety and are known to increase risk of a porktastrophe. Pork Rings are known to go back before FMB joined Voltz Wars, when Rob made them on his own, it is believed that these rings are known for a perfect pork. Only one pork ring was been seen since FMB's involvement in the Voltz War. This Pork Ring was located behind Edd's throne in Stone Garden.

One Of The First Rings Of Pork, the second according to Rob.


Before they joined the war, in Tekkit V3 with Rob and Rich-