The Porkatana is a Porktonium based weapon which is wielded by Edd and later by FunkMasterBlast. Edd is seen wielding it as his main weapon in the few scenes in which he appears close up. The blade is enchanted with Knockback I, Unbreaking III,

FunkMasterBlast wielding the Porkatana

and Sharpness V.

Wielding the SwordEdit

It is unknown exactly when Edd acquired the sword, but he has had it most of his career upon turning evil. He used the blade at the Battle of Krop against the cities defenders, and easily killed them, along with _Ricochet when he fought him during the battle. Edd was also wielding the weapon when he captured Funk and Ricochet at Sandy Crack. However, when Sir Friend Zone and the surviving soldiers of Krop caught up with Edd and saved Funk, Edd fled, dropping his Porkatana in the process.

Funk with the SwordEdit

After Edd dropped his blade, FunkMasterBlast picked it up and, seeing its enchantments as a good replacement for his Blackhammer Steel Sword, took the blade as his own. He took it as a primary weapon, although the long term effects of using a pork enchanted blade are still unknown.

Reforging to Pork BaneEdit


The reforged porktana

During FunkMasterBlast's ownership of the sword, Master Smith Awack offered to try and reforge the blade to make it into a more kingly weapon and rid it of it's porky taint. Awack and the Dwarven smiths successfully reforged the katana into a diamond greatsword. The new sword, renamed "Pork Bane", had all of the same enchantments of the original, but the porkish taint on the blade had been removed. Pork Bane is now Rob's primary lordly weapon.