A porkcrux

A Porkcrux is a pork-like piece of Edd2012's soul. There are seven Porkcruxes all together. D_2the_avid is the only one who can touch them without being burned and driven insane because he is the "Porkborn". All of the Porkcruxes have been destroyed.


Creator's PowersEdit

The creator of the Porkcruxes who embues their soul into them is affected my a multitude of effects.

Normal EffectsEdit

These effects will last as long as at least one Porkcrux is still in existence.


The creator cannot die under any circumstances as long as the Porkcruxes survive.

Power of PorkEdit

The creator can control Pork Magic

Power Over PigsEdit

The creator cannot only control pigs, but they can turn them into Porkmen.


The creator can corrupt others to the cause of the pork. They can also corrupt the surrounding landscape with the pork.


The Porkcruxes will drive their creator to insanity an they will become obsessed with Pork.


The creator may experience amnesia and forget their past life, along with other major events even after becoming pork-obsessed.

Full Power EffectsEdit

When at least five Porkcruxes are still intact the creator gains even more powerful abilities. However, these are lost after enough Porkcruxes are destroyed.


The creator cannot be harmed by any means.


The creator gains inhuman stregth.


The creator can fly indeterminate distances.


The creator gains incredible movement speed.


The creator can move through any energy feild, even forcefields and inter-dimensional gates. They can also cause cataclysmic explosions at will.

Effects on HolderEdit

If someone other than the creator of the Porkcruxes, or is a Porkborn, touches a Porkcrux, it has many adverse effects on them.


The owner goes insane becomes obsessed with Pork.

Submission to the Porkcrux CreatorEdit

The Porkcrux Owner submits themself to the will of the porkcrux's creator.

Power of PorkEdit

The owner can use Pork Magic.


The holder of the Porkcrux can corrupt others to the pork. The can also corrupt the surrounding landscape with the pork.


If the Porkcrux is indigested the will transform the consumer into a massive powerful pork monster.

Known PorkcruxesEdit

Porkcrux #1 (Cooked Porkchop)Edit

The first Porkcrux was located in an Aztec Temple where the mysterious Dr_Ouroboros resides and was destroyed by David inside the temple.

Porkcrux #2Edit

The second porkcrux was located inside Edd's Nether Temple and was destroyed by David after Finbarhawkes, FunkMasterBlast, and _Ricochet went on a time traveling adventure to rescue David's father, D_2the_addy.

Porkcrux #3 (The Pork of Fire)Edit

The Porkcrux of Fire was found in the possession of the Mother of Dragons in the city of Krop, which was destroyed by Edd. The porkcrux was later destroyed by D_2the_avid.

Porkcrux #4 (The Pork of Deceit)Edit

The Porkcrux of Deceit was found in a mysterious temple by Ricochet and can be seen in one of the upper corners of his inventory. This drove him insane and caused him to attack FnD and FunkMasterBlast didn't know until it was too late. FunkMasterBlast, in a hazmat suit to protect him, attempted to give David the Porkcrux but in revenge FnD killed him and collected the Porkcrux and later disposed of it in a lava fall

Porkcrux #5 (The Pork of Control)Edit

Was found after David defeated Galardon in the Twilight Forest. Edd used the Porkcrux to control Galardon's mind making him insane and cursing the Twilight. David later destroyed it in Elysium.

Porkcrux #6 (The Pork of Light)Edit

In a conversation between Finbar and Edd about porkcruxes Edd revealed that a porkcrux is hidden in a floating city, but later it was found in the fallen dwarf city of Stonegarden. It was destroyed together with the Porkcrux of Dark by pushing D 47the avid (who had them) into black hole.

Porkcrux #7 (The Pork of Dark)Edit

It was found and destroyed together with the Porkcrux of Light.