"Why the Pork?!" "Because the Pork is True"
– Edd2012 to FunkMasterBlast

Porkology was a religion founded by Edd2012 during the third season. It was not mentioned by name until the fourth season when FunkMasterBlast is told of the conversion of many villagers by a priest in Sandy Crack. Porkology was thought up by Edd after he became brainwashed as a result of his torture at the hands of FnD (However, it is possible that Edd became corrupted by pork even before he entered the Voltz Wars Server). Porkology is hostile to all other religions, an example of this is the mass-murder of the followers and clergy of the Old Gods of Tekkit (Who were protected by FMB until Edd's corruption was destroyed).

History Edit

During the third season, Edd was captured by Finbarhawkes and D_2the_avid under suspicion of being a terrorist. FnD tortured Edd for information about FMB, but Edd told them nothing. When FnD came up with a plan to release Edd so that he could lead David back to FMB, Edd had became brainwashed and convinced that pork was the only truth. Edd killed David and proceeded to return to FMB, killing them as well while destroying their base with Hyersonic Explosives and TNT. After being pursued by FnD and FMB, Edd began converting others to believing in pork and had soon raised a mighty Army of Pork made up of pigmen and corrupted humans, which he used to conquer more territory so that he could spread his cult. In the fourth season, this cult was named Porkology. Edd began a ruthless campaign against those who would not accept Porkology, willingly converting some, brainwashing others and destroying the rest. While the clergy of the Old Gods of Tekkit fund refuge at Winterly Rock, it is unknown what has happened to other religions, but it can be assumed that they were wiped off of the face of the planet by Edd. Edd continues to spread Porkology. With all the Porkcruxes destroyed it is presumed that with Edd's corruption destroyed, Porkology has lost it's followers and influence to other religions.

Beliefs Edit

The main principles of Porkology can be summarized thusly:

  1. Pork is the Key to Life
  2. The Only Truth is Pork
  3. Pork Created All From Pork
  4. All That Exists Is Pork
  5. That Which Opposes Pork is Evil
  6. Those Who Give Pork Are Above Those Who Consume it (Pigs are Above Humans)