Project Definitely Not Bad (or Project DNAB) Is D 2the avid's project in the production of anti-matter.

Project beginningsEdit

The project began when David finally realized that showing how powerful and to protect Elysium is, he soon decided to start the production of anti-matter. He started by naming how he will make the project and where it will be stating that he used a quarry to quarry out an area that he can use for the production facility. Once he did so he made it more look like a facility in the production of anti-matter. Electromagnets covered the outer perimeter of the facility thus beginning Project DNAB. 

Anti-Matter AccidentEdit

When David planned on checking his anti matter production, he discovered that it exploded due to a malfunction in the acceleration. It caused a massive gaping hole on the far left corner. David quickly fixed it and re made the particle accelerator.

FMB's discoveryEdit

While Ricochet and FunkMasterBlast were travelling to Elysium on a secret plot to set up a spy outpost in the Elysium factory (where David spends much of his time), they discovered Project DNAB's hidden trapdoors. They then proceeded into the hole where they found David's particle accelerator broken on the same side again. They searched the area and looked at the energy tesseract providing energy for the main power battery and discovered that it had links to other channels including dock defense which by using context clues, FMB ultimately concluded that Elysium now has anti-matter. They had plans to destroy the facility, but this never happened. It was destructed during the Invasion of Elysium.