S. Commander Rilfom is a My Little Pony-esque alien who resided in FMBS-9. He lead the group of aliens which operate the space station and was its commander until the original owners returned. Rilfom was good to his word and relinquished much of the money he had made to the space stations true commanders.

Finding FMB's Space StationEdit

FMB's massive space station, built in Voltz Wars: Season three, was abandoned after The Early Dawn as the tele-porters to it were destroyed and FunkMasterBlast left the area in his submarine (_Ricochet was lost and thought to be killed by Funk). However the space station, which had been used to create antimatter, kept on working. S.Commander Rilfom and a group of My Little Pony like Aliens were traveling by space ship, nearby when their antimatter drives began to run low. Rilfom ordered the ship to dock at the station. Inside the Aliens found the place abandoned (it was found obviously after the Early Dawn). Rilfom did find, however, a box of pamphlets which advertised antimatter, retail outlets and accommodation at low prices. These, which FunkMasterBlast had mistakenly left out, gave Rilfom the idea to stay in the station and sell antimatter, along with run the new retail outlets from inside.

Rilfom Gets the Station in ShapeEdit

Although the systems were still running, the space station was in terrible condition from neglect when S.Commander Rilfom set up shop there. However, under Rilfom's command the station was quickly repaired in improved greatly. Soon retail outlets were set up and trade begun with many other extraterrestrial beings. Rilfom collected all revenue from the stores, along with the rent for staying in the station and selling of antimatter, in hopes of giving the amount due to the stations owners when they returned.

FMB Meet RilfomEdit

Once FMB rebuilt their space ships in Season Four they returned to the space station. They were quite surprised to find it taken over by aliens, and once they announced themselves as the owners they were directed to Rilfom's chambers. When Funk and Ricochet explained to Rilfom that they were the rightful owners (and Rilfom explained how he had found the flyers, much to FMB's dismay) Rilfom told them that he would give them all of the revenue from the station, plus his rent from staying there, once they presented him with the correct paperwork. Eventually after performing numerous tasks for the Guild Master, he provides FMB the paperwork and return to the space station to present the documents to the aliens. The Aliens soon hand FMBS-9 back to the control of FMB but request that they stay and run the place in the absence of FMB while paying rent to stay.


  • Rilfom and the other aliens in his species have skins resembling that of the popular My Little Pony toys and tv shows