Sandy Crack is a small village located of the coast of the great sea (Which would later be controlled by Elysium then former soldiers of Krop). It is surrounded by a huge forest which has different types of wood for its lumber industry. It was often collected and replanted . Despite there being a forest around it Sandy Crack is located in a desert

Population Edit

Krop Army Base Edit

After Edd2012 used the village as a staging ground to get into Winterly Rock, FMB was lured into a trap. _Ricochet was captured and FunkMasterBlast was set for execution. Just Before he was about to be executed former Krop soldiers attacked and forced them out of the village. After the battle it is revealed that the Mother of Dragons escaped Krop and are now fighting Edd. The soldiers stayed as they were fighting In that area and have built up defenses in the desert city making it reasonablly well defended