Saphira is a young, blue dragon owned by Finbarhawkes.


Hatched from an egg after the Dragon Wars, Saphira was hatched by Finbar to the displeasure of the Dark Elves, Orcs and other allied races. As a hatchling she was initially kept in a cage, for her protection and that of the others until Finbar felt she was too big and tame enough for freedom.  

Eventually she spoke to Finbar telepathically and has since been given permission to hunt on the nearby islands for food. Finbar has since revealed to her the fate of her species and apparently has come to accept this, though she is interested in meeting the Mother of Dragons and her Dragons

Saphira's AttacksEdit

The first attack began by attacking Winterly Rock while FunkMasterBlast was meeting with the high council until a large explosion went off that shook the entire castle. Rob went to investigate and found Gordon Ramsey in the hall way informing Rob of Saphira's attack in his kitchen. Rob then went to the kitchen and found the dragon attacking with a massive hole blown in the side. They then combated it out of the wall and after fighting for a little while, Ach-aldat came out of his wizard tower and warded off the dragon with his ice magic thus saving the rock.

The next attack began when Finbarhawkes attacked Elysium. She guarded the world eater while it destroyed the walls, and flew up to a tower to take on some more men. She killed all of the elite guard, but she was eventually slain by Jermaine. This caused Finbar to be enraged and and destroy most of the city with sonic missiles.


  • Typical Dragon abilities: She has demonstrated
    • Telepathy:
    • Flight:
    • Fire Breathing


Saphira in based off of and named after the dragon Saphira from the Inheritance Cycle Series.