Sir Friend Zone (also called Sir Friendzone although this may be a misspelling) was Captain of the Guard at Krop. He was first to respond when Edd attacked the city, and although he and his men fought bravely, the battle was lost. He now roams the lands near Sandy Crack with the free soldiers of Krop fighting the Army of Pork.

Captain of the GuardEdit

In the great and prosperous city of Krop, Sir Friend Zone was Captain of the Queen's Guard. As such he personally saw FnD and FMB's meeting with the Queen. When Krop was attacked by Edd and his army, Sir Friend Zone was the first to respond. He fought along with his men, FnD, and FMB to defend the city. When defeat was imminent, he helped cover the escape of the Mother of Dragons, along with FnD and FMB.

Still Fighting EddEdit

Although the details are unclear, Sir Friend Zone was able to escape the sacking of Krop and go into hiding. After escaping, Sir Friend Zone fled to the Mother Of Dragons, who ordered him to patrol the area with a few other surviving soldiers and to kill any of Edd's men he found. whilst patrolling, Friend Zone came to Sandy Crack, where FunkMasterBlast was captured and about to be executed by Edd. Sir Friend Zone and his men successfully saved Funk, and forced Edd to flee. Friend Zone and is soldiers still patrol the area around Sandy Crack, but their current status is unknown.

The Battle of Bogdon FellsEdit

Since the the small skirmish at Sandy Crack Sir Friend Zone was able to meet up with the soldiers who were freed from Edd's Nether Temple to form a small army. Friend Zone and the free slaves ended up learning that the Army of Pork was in control of the vital pass of Bogdon Fells. Friend Zone marched his army towards the fells where he found FMB and the Woodfolk retreating from a 400 strong Porkmen force. Banding together, the Woodfolk of Winterly Rock (mistakenly to be mercenaries by Sir Friend Zone) and the free slaves of Krop prepared to hold the pass. Although Sir Friend Zone and his men were able to hold the oncoming waves of Porkmen, Edd's powerful War Porkers were able to break their lines and Friend Zone was forced to call a retreat.


  • Sir Friend Zone is based off of the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire character Ser Jorah Mormont