SpeedMasterDash is a major character in Minecraft Wars and uncorrupted version of Edd2012. SpeedMasterDash began way before the Voltz series and after leaving Tekkit, was captured by Finbarhawkes and D 2the avid, then tortured and corrupted by the ways of Pork, leading to the Voltz Wars Season 3 & 4's main plot. But, after breaking corruption when Ricochet pushed D 47the Avid into the black hole that slowly consumed Elysium following the Invasion, the trio him followed into the black hole and arrived at Nathan's Farm where they currently reside.

Alien InvasionEdit

After several warning by the Men In Black,and Edd's weird behavior following his abduction by aliens. FMB discovered an large unknown alien mothership. Once aboard the ship, FunkMasterBlast and Ricochet found alien weapons, technology and a large number of cryogenic pods. Upon reaching a central control room, the two stumble upon a large meeting of aliens along with Edd, who appears to have joined them and plotting to invade Mearth to strip it of all it's resources. Before he was able to, FMB infiltrated his ship and thwarted the plan, soon crashing it into a nearby planet or even a alternate dimension.