TheLMNOSteve, or Steve for short, is a Minecraft character in Finbarhawkes' Voltz Wars series and was one of the antagonists in Voltz Wars: Season One. He is a member of TDK, led by Finbar's arch enemy, Pyrostasis.


Season OneEdit

War with TDKEdit

TheLMNOSteve was originally by himself and was fighting against FnD's enemy, TDK. This led to Finbarhawkes contemplating to take TheLMNOSteve as an ally. However, Steve eventually joined Pyrostasis thus putting him and FnD against each other.

Building a baseEdit

After first joining Pyro's legion, Steve supposedly built a massive base out in the open. He filled it with Endermen and explosions. There was also a rumor if anyone (including Pyro) launched a missile at his base, then missiles would be fired from his base and destroy all of the other bases automatically. Someone was also seen flying outside FnD's base which was assumed to be Steve.

The Destruction of the Base?Edit

The destruction of Steve's base was done by Finbarhawkes and D_2the_avid who wanted to get back at Pyro and decided to bomb Steve's massive base, considering it an imminent threat. David sneaked into the base to see if the rumor about the missiles was true. It turned out to be false. After this, Finbar and David used numerous rockets, missiles and explosions to form a penis-shaped crater in Steve's base. Finally, the two cut a hole through bedrock using anti-matter explosions. However, after watching an episode uploaded by TheLMNOsteve, it is discovered that FnD destroyed a naturally generated structure scarred by attempts at destruction by those who made the same assumption. The barracks were similar to FMB's Export in season 3.

Season TwoEdit

In Voltz Wars: Season Two, Steve was rarely seen, but did participate in the war on Pyro's side.

Personality and traitsEdit

It appears Steve likes Endermen, as he had an insanely large number of them at his base in Volts Wars: Season One. Steve might also like explosions, simply because of the rumors that were going around about him.


  • For TheLMNOSteve's YouTube channel, click here.
  • Steve likes Endermen.
  • Steve built his base out in the open, not hidden like other people's.
  • During Voltz Wars: Season One, Finbar and David were considering choosing him as an ally, but were afraid that they'd be betrayed by him.