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Tycerx's Skin

TycerX (Arran), is a Major character in the Third season of Voltz Wars and both current seasons of the Voltz Wars spinoff series, Starjump and Voltzified. Arran is best friends with _MylesC. Arran is a good character, he was just tricked into fighting for evil.

Season Three Edit

Arran and Myles came to the server after its creation and made a basic house, with plans to expand their base. The two lived peacefully until Edd arrived after his escape from FnD and the bombing of FMB's base. Edd pretended to be a peaceful and helpful player, which caused Arran and Myles to have massive respect for him. Due to their peaceful lifestyle, the two went largely unnoticed until FMB and FnD checked the server lists while spying on each other. FMB, now knowing that FnD and Edd weren't the only players on the server, decided to be cautious. FnD on the other hand had misread the sign at FMB's base as "FMB Sexport" (It was actually FMB's Export). Finbarhawkes, because of the sign, assumed that FMB were part of the sex trade and that Arran and Myles were prostitutes who were smuggled into the server by FMB. FnD later found the duo's base and tortured them for information about Edd, who they were hunting for being a wanted terrorist. Arran revealed to Finbar and David that he did know Edd and told them about his visit. FnD thanked him and killed Arran and Myles. Hungry for revenge, the two destroyed FnD's torture chamber. At this point Arran and Myles had another visit from Edd, who congratulated them for destroying the torture chamber and gave them a mission to fight against FnD and FMB (Who had made an alliance) further. The two happily obliged - they raided FnD's solar fort and FMB's export and were a thorn in the side of FnD and FMB for a large part of the season. Before the end of the season, Edd realised that Arran and Myles were close to finding the truth - that he was evil and was manipulating them into fighting the forces of good. Edd activated a wormhole in their base, blasting the duo into a different dimension. He then created two crystaline Blaze-Like creatures with Arran and Myles' nametags, which he imprisoned in his Nether Fortress. FnD proceeded to nuke Arran and Myles' base. During the second attack on the nether fortress, FnD and FMB found the creatures, which repeated "Edd tricked us" over and over. Edd's plan came together perfectly - Arran and Myles were stuck in another dimension and FnD and FMB were convinced that the two had been corrupted by Pork, meaning that they would not try to rescue Arran and Myles and give Edd more players to fight against.