Ukufutheka is the name of D 2the avid's sword in Voltz Wars: Season Four. It is an ancient sword, and was once wielded by the great pirate Ukukhanka. The blade was given to David by Captain Francois Villensoy, and is one of the most powerful blades in the realm.

History of UkufuthekaEdit

About 300 years before it was acquired by David, the pirate Ukukhanka hand crafted the blade, and called it Ukufutheka. The sword was so powerful, legend tells that Ukukhanka could clear the decks of war galleys with only Ukufutheka in his hand. About 100 years before it was found be Captain Francois, the sword apparently disappeared and was unseen, falling into legend.

Finding the BladeEdit

After Finbar's Trial, David sent out Captain Francois Villensoy and a crew of pirates to do some "aggressive scouting" in hopes of finding Finbarhawkes and capturing some treasure. Although they were unable to find Finbar, the pirates came across a ship full of sell swords and mercenaries, who appeared to be evil. The pirates attacked and raided the ship, finding a few precious gems, but more importantly Ukufutheka in the ship's dirty wooden chests.

David Gains the SwordEdit


Ukufutheka in the inventory screen

Captain Francois, who had heard the legends of Ukufutheka, immediately recognized the blade in the chest. To show his true loyalty to David, however, the Captain gave the sword to him when David came to check on their findings. The sword was truly as powerful as legend, and is enchanted with sharpness V, unbreaking III, knockback II, and fire aspect II. David wielded it as his primary weapon, due to its amazing power. He later used the sword to slay High Wizard Galardon after all the elf warriors were killed.

Retiring the SwordEdit

Upon the completion of his power armor, David stopped using the sword in exchange for the Power Claw. In memorial to the blade which had served him so well, David framed the sword and placed it above the dining hall in the Palace of Elysium. During the Invasion of Elysium, the sword was destroyed when the black hole obliterated the city.