The Voltz War is a 4 season long war between Finbarhawkes and many other factions. The war takes place on the Voltz World, although the fighting factions have constantly changed with the exception of Finbar and D 2the avid. The Voltz War officially ended at the end of Voltz Wars: Season Four with the start of the Minecraft War.

The Voltz War BeginsEdit

The Minecraft Voltz War officially started when Finbarhawkes stole resources from Pyrostasis. Once Pyro's army began sending death threats to Finbar, he teamed up with David to form the faction FnD. The war started on February 23, 2013

Four Seasons of WarEdit

Although throughout the first two seasons of the Voltz War many of the factions carried over, in season three all of the factions disappeared excluding FnD. FnD eventually continued the war on a new continent of Minecraftia, meeting other new factions that kept the conflict going.

Modpacks Edit

There have been many mods used in the war, but the pack used for most of the latter half of the war is the Fnd warpack which can be downloaded onto a technic launcher from the technic site,

This appears to be a link to their modpack or one that was made to resemble it.